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The foremost aim of the European Railway Energy Settlement System (ERESS) is to provide efficient, reliable, accurate and flexible settlement and billing systems.
Both for the current and the future railway market where most trains will be equipped with meters and many different train operators will use the railways.
Another important feature is to make energy data available to the customers in order for them to understand and reduce their energy consumption.
Since 2007 the ERESS has been fully operational and a significant energy saving potential has been realised.
ERESS is an open partnership based on a non-profit agreement.

Faiveley, a world leader in the railway industry

The Faiveley Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-technology railway systems and services, offering a wide range of products in eight business lines: air conditioning, electro-mechanics, on-board doors, platform doors & gates, on-board electronics, braking systems, couplers and customer services.
In a buoyant international market, Faiveley is using its industrial and commercial power on a global level to strengthen its position with major rail builders and operators.

Silver Sponsor

SOLVERA LYNX, a private company founded in 2002, is a Limited liability company. Using the knowledge of energy management, informatics and economy, we introduce advanced information technology to demanding technical fields of industry and energy sector.

Our mission is to provide new information-technology solutions for industry and energy for our clients who wish to benefit from the opening of electricity and gas markets by improving their competitiveness in the market and for their customers, who wish to use energy and water in a rational manner.

FAR Systems with main offices in Verona/Italy operates in the sector of onboard electronics and communication board to ground.
As a result of its constant technical innovations, energy metering and the thereto related energy management & saving, has become an important expertise of FAR Systems. The complete package of sensors, meter, communication and data elaboration can be offered, not only for energy measurement and billing but even more important for energy consumption analyzing and saving.

FAR Systems also responds to its responsibility in the Rolling Stock business with a strong involvement in the international committees of standardization where it offers a qualified expertise in the normative aspects of the Railway Industry. Not only having the presidency and convenorship within the EN50463 norm for Energy Measurement On Board of Trains but also with further important activities within UIC, CENELEC and UNIFE.

LEM is a market leader in providing innovative and high quality solutions for measuring electrical parameters. Its main products – current and voltage transducers and energy meter - are used in a broad range of applications in industrial, traction, energy and automotive markets. LEM’s strategy is to exploit the intrinsic strengths of its core business, and develop opportunities in new markets with new applications. Together with production plants in Geneva (Switzerland), Machida (Japan), Beijing, (China), TVER (Russia) and our regional sales offices, LEM offers a seamless worldwide service.

In train applications, LEM provides the current, voltage and energy measurements.
Typical applications of LEM products:
Main converter for urban transportation systems (metros - trams – trolleybuses); Track objects monitoring; Sub-stations; Inverters, converters, rectifiers; Auxiliary power units; Circuit breaker, for transformers, DC link; Control and safety systems; Energy metering; Rolling stock heavy traction, diesel electric; Mining trucks

A complete range of accurate, reliable and galvanic-isolated transducers for the measurement of current from 0.1A to 20,000A and voltage from 10V to 6,400V provides control and protection signals on-board as well as for trackside applications. LEM provides not only one technology of measurement but proposes different technologies depending on the customer’s application.

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The Sustainable Development Foundation is an non-profit organization based in Rome, founded in September 2008, that aims at “greening the economy” by fostering change and innovation. The main fields of activity are sustainable mobility, renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change. Its founding members are 60 companies and a good list of experts who work on projects on consultancy basis. The Foundation provides technical assistance and support to companies and public bodies on environment, energy and sustainability management.

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