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ÖBB Infrastruktur AG

The Company ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG is a modern company whose responsibility is to ensure that all requirements for safe, environmental-friendly, sustainable and affordable mobility on a state-of-the-art railway network in Austria are met. The company offers market-ready infrastructure products (train paths, stations and shunting) and guarantees railway companies a non-discriminatory, client-oriented access to the rail network. We supplies railway companies on the Austrian rail network with traction power using hydroelectric power, thus contributing to climate protection.


SAIRA Electronics

SAIRA Electronics (part of Gruppo Industriale Tosoni) is a reference in the market of railway electronic equipments/systems for on board applications. Main domains are: communication, critical data recording (black box), energy management and saving, automation on board, fire detection and protection, passenger informations systems. SAIRA Electronics has over 50,000 on-board devices currently in use throughout the world, 1,000 of which are EN50463 and Eress proven Energy Meter Systems (AC-DC).



Bombardier Transportation, a global leader in rail technology, offers the broadest portfolio in the rail industry and delivers innovative products and services that set new standards in sustainable mobility. BOMBARDIER ECO4 technologies – built on the four cornerstones of energy, efficiency, economy and ecology – conserve energy, protect the environment and help to improve total train performance. Bombardier Transportation is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and has a very diverse customer base with products or services in more than 60 countries.


ECOHZ was established in 2002, and was one of the pioneers in the field of Guarantees of Origin (GO) for renewable energy. ECOHZ manages a broad renewable energy portfolio, and is one of the leading independent suppliers in Europe. The company is located in Oslo, Norway and Nyon, Switzerland, offering renewable energy solutions to electricity providers, businesses and organisations across Europe. We are constantly building our portfolio, by introducing new and innovative solutions that drive the renewable energy industry and market forward. Our products are developed through extensive dialogue with key stakeholders and partners, and our ambition is to change energy behavior.

Faiveley Transport Group

Faiveley Transport is a global supplier in integrated systems for the railway industry. With more than 5,500 employees in 24 countries, Faiveley Transport generated sales of €988 million for the 2012/2013 financial year. The Group supplies manufacturers, operators and railway maintenance bodies worldwide with the most comprehensive range of systems in the market: energy and comfort (air conditioning and power collectors), access and information (platform doors and gates, access doors, information and safety systems), brakes and safety (braking systems and couplers) and services.



LEM is the market leader in providing innovative & high quality solutions for measuring electrical parameters. Its core products, current & voltage transducers, are used in a broad range of applications in drives & welding, renewable energies & power supplies, traction, high precision, conventional & green cars businesses. The rail industry uses LEM’s products for on-board energy measurement, propulsion & auxiliary inverters control, track asset monitoring & improving maintenance infrastructures.


Saphymo is a leading provider of onboard Energy Data Handling Systems (DHS) for trains, with proven expertise for Train-Ground energy data transmission, and more than 400 trains equipped over the last 7 years. Saphymo new DHS generation EMTBox enables the collection and transmission of GPS stamped energy data in compliance with EN50463. Saphymo systems offer on train and web based software tools for EMS health monitoring services.


Transrail Sweden AB is proud to offer CATO, a proven dispatcher and driver assistance system to the global railway market. In 2012 Transrail won the International Union of Railways (UIC) award for the best innovation for sustainable development within the railway sector. We won the award in competition with companies and research institutions from around the world. The jury consisted of members of the International Railway Research Board.For more info, see www.transrail.se/catofilm.php.

TTG Transportation Technology

TTG Transportation Technology is an international world leader in the design, development and supply of Driver Advisory Systems (DAS) and related services to the global rail sector. Market leaders in Australasia and the UK, our award winning Energymiser® DAS is deployed across 4 continents, providing real-time driver advice and operational knowledge to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions, improve on-time performance, train handling, and utilisation of rail capacity, while reducing maintenance costs by reducing in train forces and component wear.


Cubris is a Danish IT engineering company that develops and delivers the GreenSpeed driver advisory system to the international railway sector. GreenSpeed is an advanced DAS tool to minimize energy consumption and train maintenance, while maximizing punctuality, track capacity, safety, passenger comfort and economic gains. Cubris works in close connection with our customers and partners throughout Europe. Our concept is based on a strong end-user involvement from problem solving to product adaptation and rollout.

Microelettrica Scientifica

For 60 years Microelettrica Scientifica has been designing, developing and producing, in full autonomy, contactors, energy meter devices and resistors dedicated to the most advanced and demanding applications of railway transportation, urban mobility and industry. Acknowledged and esteemed all over the world, Microelettrica Scientifica’s product quality results from continuous research, realized in close cooperation with its customers in order to precisely and punctually meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

Mors Smitt

Mors Smitt ‘a Wabtec Company’ is a total railway supplier for onboard and trackside safety-critical solutions. Combining electro-mechanical ultra-high dependability relays with safety-critical electronics. All is manufactured to the strictest standards (IRIS, ISO-9001, ISO 14001). We offer traction energy measurement, relays, transducers, hall-effect sensors, miniature circuit breakers and train protection systems for rolling stock. The signalling/infrastructure sector is served with signalling relays, safety critical relays, protection components and retrofit & replacement solutions

Solvera Lynxaaaa

Solvera Lynx is a company specialized for information and communication technologies for energy management. We enable infrastructure managers and train operators to collect data for billing as well as to reduce their traction and non-traction energy costs. We provide state-of-the-art solutions for energy data collection, monitoring and energy data analyses, implementing continuous improvements in energy efficiency. Our solutions support the requirements of ISO 50001 energy management standard.



Elster EnergyICT ‘s energy management solutions enable you to grow and maintain your energy efficiency programs with continuous savings. Our solutions provide you with the information, insight and intelligence you need to control your energy consumption across your organization.Through energy visibility, taking meaningful actions on your energy exceptions and increased people engagement, you can reduce your energy costs and increase energy savings. EnactoTM - Energy intelligence you can act on!

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