Eress Forum

Eress Forum is a yearly gathering, where experts from Railway Undertakings, representatives from Infrastructure Managers, EU and national politicians, journalists and suppliers, exchange their experiences and points of view. This year Eress Forum will have 2 sessions during day 2 of the conference in the morning of the 18th of June.

The first session will deal with the link between the energy market and the railway market. Representatives from European Commission will present the requirements from relevant directives. Other stakeholders from railway and electricity market will present their view.

During the second session Infrastructure Managers and Railway Undertakings will explain how energy metering helps in reducing the energy consumptions. Energy metering is a precondition to be able to allocate the energy consumption to the correct end user. Eress is a partnership between Infrastructure Managers. The Erex system is jointly owned by all partners. Erex offers the solutions on how to collect and validate metering energy, allocate it to the correct consumer and estimate missing consumptions. Erex can exchange data with other actors in energy and railway market.

For the detailed programme of the Eress Forum please click here !