Energy Efficiency in Electric Traction Supply Increasing the efficiency from substation to pantograph… and back

Moderator: Koen De Gussemé, Engineer, Infrabel

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Electricity is produced by or injected in the network of the Infrastructure Manager. This network has converter stations, substations and (overhead) contact lines in order to bring the energy towards the trains. Braking trains might reinject energy in this network. This energy can be reused by other trains, stored in flywheels or transferred to low voltage for charging of batteries of electrical cars. This workshop will deal with the optimization of the energy flow in both directions.

Key words: Electrification System Voltage, Flywheels, Power Electronic Converters.

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  • Introduction
    Koen De Gussemé, Engineer, Infrabel
  • Energy utilisation in a.c. traction power supply system by introducing RPC (Railway Static Power Conditioner
    Kazumi Nagano, East Japan Railway Company, Japan
  • Braking Energy Recovery – from simulations to tangible results
    Ricardo Barrero, STIB-MIVB, Belgium
  • Questions & Answers and debate
  • Wrap up & conclusions
    Koen De Gussemé, Engineer, Infrabel