Energy Efficiency in Planning Influencing energy efficiency at an early stage

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Moderator: Matthias Tuchschmid, Project manager energy management, SBB

The integration of Energy Efficiency criteria into the various planning processes from the very beginning is promising: the whole system may be optimized and significant energy saving are possible. Aspects with influence on energy consumption are for example the extension of travel times, optimization of track layout and harmonization of speed profiles. Also changed planning priorities of mixed traffic, the reduction of traffic demand peaks over day and the modular adjustment of train sizes according to demand allow a more efficient use of energy. However, given infrastructure, limited financial resources or the demand for shorter travel times handicap an energy efficient planning process. In the workshop we discuss different possibilities for improvement under the given conditions and collect success stories. Main goal is the discussion and exchange of successful approaches and ideas among the participants.

Keywords: Planning Process, Time Table, Speed Profiles, Load Factor, Modular Trains.

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  • Introduction
    Matthias Tuchschmid, Project manager energy management, SBB
  • Influencing Energy Efficiency at early Stage
    Matthias Tuchschmid, Project manager energy management, SBB
  • Energy data analysis as a basis for prioritizing long-term energy efficiency measures
    Wessel Sluis, Manager Business Development, GEN
  • Group Work & Presentation
    Discuss in small groups of 4-5 participants made experiences and share the knowledge. Present then your findings to the plenum
  • Plenum
    Open discussion about the energy efficiency in Planning processes: What are favorable factors? Obstructive factors? What are transferable success stories?
  • Questions & Answers and debate
  • Wrap up & conclusions
    Matthias Tuchschmid, Project manager energy management, SBB