Non Traction Energy Consumption Optimizing use of energy in stations, workshops and buildings

Moderator: Luca Carusi, Energy Manager, FS and Co-Chair of UIC Energy & CO2 Expert Network

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Non-traction energy accounts, in average, for 15% to 20% of the overall consumption of Railway Undertakings and Infrastructure Managers operating in the railway sector. It includes energy consumption mainly in railway stations, maintenance workshops, buildings and infrastructures.
In particular actual and future stations are being designed with the aim to become central urban nodes in modern cities, larger and more comfortable to passengers and customers, yet also very energy demanding. Buildings and workshops use energy for lighting, heating and cooling. Infrastructure needs energy for signalling, crossings, platform lights, GSM-R and point heating.
It is generally acknowledged this is an area with a significant saving potential which is largely untapped.

The workshop will provide an overview on what non-traction energy means for railways and how they are approaching energy efficiency plans, focusing on best practices and innovative solutions from members’ experience.

The workshop will address the following questions :
• What are the main consumption drivers of non-traction energy in railways ?
• What are railways doing, or planning to do, to reduce non-traction energy consumption ?
• What are the lessons learned and the key success factors in the energy efficiency process ?

Keywords : Non-Traction Energy, Sustainable Station, LED, Heat Pump, Building Management, Energy Service Providers, Energy Efficiency Directive, Human Factor, ISO50001.

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  • Introduction
    Luca Carusi, Energy Manager, FS and Co-Chair of UIC Energy & CO2 Expert Network
  • Energy saving at station – Trial of demand response and eco-station
    Yukihisa Noda, Assistant Manager for Tokyo Electrical Construction & System Integration Office, JR East
  • Harnessing Energy Efficiency Potential in Non-Traction Energy Uses
    Sanjay Kumar, Dy. Chief Materials Manager, Northern Railways, India
  • Energy efficiency and Renewable generation in the maintenance facilities at Trenitalia
    Francesco Tardia, Energy Manager Assistant, Trenitalia
  • Questions & Answers and debate
  • Wrap up & conclusions
    Luca Carusi, Energy Manager, FS and Co-Chair of UIC Energy & CO2 Expert Network