Procurement of energy efficient rolling stock Applying the TecRec 100_001

Moderators: Philippe Clément, Ecomobility manager, SNCF, Laurent Nicod, Alstom

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The European railway sector wants to reduce its energy consumption – for reasons of costs and the associated environmental and climate impacts. A prominent way for that is to procure, design, build and operate energy efficient trains.
Since 2010 the technical guideline (UIC/UNIFE TecRec 100_001) exists for free use among railway operators and manufacturers. The TecRec 100_001 is the "Specification and verification of energy consumption for railway rolling stock". The workshop will demonstrate the different applications and discuss the experiences harvested so far among key European players.
The challenge is to make much better use of this guideline by disseminating knowledge and best practise examples among operators, manufacturers and relevant knowledge partners. The workshop is a great opportunity to get up to date on this subject – whether you are a new comer or an experienced energy expert.

Keywords: Procurement, Rolling Stock, Energy Consumption, Energy Efficiency.

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