You can only manage what you measure Technical developments traction energy metering

Moderator: Raimondo Orsini, Director, Sustainable Development Foundation

This workshop will give a look to the market of on-board energy metering equipments. Which products are available already? Which is the scenario for next years?
Can we use these products everywhere? Do these products comply with EN 50463 or any other standard ? Which is their added value to interoperability ? Which are the costs of retrofitting existing rolling stock?
Manufacturers will present improvements on products, testing facilities, and softwares, railway operators will put on the table their technical needs and customer expectations, and infrastructure managers may be interested in board-ground technical requirements.

Keywords: EN 50463, TSI Energy, Loc&Pas TSI, Energy Measurement System, Energy Measuring, Energy Billing, ISO 50001, Metering.

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14:30 - Introduction
Raimondo Orsini, Director, Sustainable Development Foundation

14:35 - Train Operators and Infrastructure Managers opening presentations

  • NSB
    Marie Loe Halvorsen, Energy Advisor
  • SBB
    Gisela Hinrichs, Responsible for Introduction of Settlement and Billing
  • FS
    Luca Carusi, Energy Manager
  • ÖBB
    Michael Bares, Key Account Manager Leader

15:00 - Supplier presentations

  • Saira Electronics
    Simone Danieli, Sales Export Support
  • Faiveley
    Philippe Aubin, Business Development Manager
  • Bombardier
    Enrique Vila, Sale Manager

15:30 - Questions & Answers and debate

15:55 - Wrap up & conclusions
Raimondo Orsini, Director, Sustainable Development Foundation