Green Electricity and Carbon Disclosure About accounting and reporting of renewable energy in railways

Moderator: Veronica Aneris, Senior Advisor Energy & Environment, UIC

The purchase of GOs and related products is an important tool among electricity consumers, like the railway sector. The market of renewable energy certificates and other related zero carbon products is growing fast.
More market players get involved and every year new products come online. What are the attributes and the environmental impact of these products?
How does the certificate system work?
What is the difference between a grid based approach and a market based approach when accounting and reporting CO2 emissions?
What are the opportunities and threats for the railway sector?
Many open questions that the workshop will try to address and clarify with the help of sector representatives and the outcomes of the UIC project “Zero Carbon railways”.

Keywords : RECS, GOs, Carbon Accounting and Reporting, Renewable Energy Directive, Statistics, KPIs, Ecolabelling, CDP, GHG Protocol

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09:30-11:00 - Part I

  • The European Guarantees of Origin and the future of international tracking systems
    Jared Braslawsky, Deputy Secretary General, RECS International
  • Transforming the electricity sector - the role of consumers
    Pedro Faria, Technical Director, Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Guarantees of Origin: the corporate market and innovative ways to realize new renewable power projects
    Preben Munch, Corporate Customers, ECOHZ-AS
  • Measuring and reporting GHG emissions in rail: the EU legislation & the sector’s
    Ethem Pekin, Environmental Economist, CER
  • Discussion

11:00-11:30 - Coffee break

11:30-13:00 - Part II

  • The new GHGP accounting guidelines for renewable energy products and purchases
    Mary Sotos, World Resource Institute
  • The UIC Zero Carbon Project: for an happy marriage between marketing and transparency
    Raimondo Orsini, Sustainable Development Foundation, Director
  • Physical VS Virtual: the approach of the Ecotransit World Consortium Methodology Group
    Wolfram Knörr, IFEU Institute
  • Discussion